Want more than just a website?
We can level up your website, with wonderful additions to make it much more than just a place to showcase your business/ books.

Prices are paid as a one-time fee


We provide amazing real-time backups for WordPress

  1. Prevent brute force attacks
  2. Automatically update your plugins
  3. Monitor your site for downtime
  4. Malware scanning
  5. Filter spam comments
  6. Daily backups
  7. Set up two-step authentication

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Instead of using third party software to distribute your ebooks and collect subscribers, why not use your own website? You don’t have to pay an extra monthly fee’s to other sites alike, or even us.

You pay us a one-time fee of $100 and once the system is set up, you can do whatever you want with it.

How does this work?

If you want to offer ebooks to download, it’s easy. After they submit their email, the reader will receive a download link by e-mail. Very simple workflow. Data is saved in the database and/or can be sent to popular email marketing providers such as MailChimp, iContact, GetResponse, etc.

All saved data can be exported as CSV-file to be used with any other newsletter systems.

—-> Check out a sample here.

This system is GDPR-Ready, add the “Terms & Conditions” checkbox to the opt-in form.

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What’s an ebook Store?

Authors, sell your ebooks directly on your website and keep your profits. You cannot sell your ebooks on your website if you are with Kindleunlimted, however, if you are worldwide, why not give this a try. We do not guarantee that you will sell more books if you decide to go this route, because promoting your own store is in your hands.

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What’s membership access?

Want to share exclusive scenes and member-only goodies with your most loyal fans? Well then, we have the perfect solution for you and that’s to create your very own membership site.

Yes, we understand that there’s Facebook and you can utilize that platform but it’s not 100% yours. You can’t control the changes and how it will affect your Facebook group. Members can drop like flies when they decide to implicate changes and members don’t always see all your updates or receive notifications. You have zero say when you rely on someone else.

Creating your own membership access, you have full control over everything. It’s more intimate and your members can always find all your goodies. You can post whatever you like without worrying about your post being flagged or your sensitive fans reporting your content because its your membership, your rules.

Benefits of creating a membership site:

  1. Manually approve members
  2. Automatically approve members
  3. Protect your content
  4. Built-in security
  5. When a user registers, they will automatically be subscribed to your newsletter (Aweber, mailchimp, constant contact, mailster, getresponse, activecampaign, mailer lite, mad mimi)
  6. You have the option, to only have users register with an invitation.

This membership addon is ONLY for you to share exclusive content, that requires your fans to sign in to view your content.

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$35/per page

You need a new page on your website, no problem. For every new page, order the exact quantity. Please provide as many details as possible.

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$25/ per content

Blog post. Add/ editing author bio. Book information/images and or adding videos. When ordering remember that this option isn’t creating a whole new page. This option is simply adding a book/content/video to an already existing page.  

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