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Why are we being so strict with the web host

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We are being this strict because cheaper or free web hosting, they give problems and errors. They do not have the proper systems to maintain our high-quality web sites. If you order a web design and we don't agree with your web host, we will give you the chance to purchase one from our recommended

Web Design Support Policy

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Support for your WordPress website is a service provided by The Indie Ally. We created your website, now what? Having support for website means that we will answer all the questions/issues pertaining to your author website and plugins associated with your WordPress website. You can ask questions and make the changes yourself or if you

Book/ Single/ Series page

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'Book' Page, this option will list all of your books on (1) page. The summaries, buy links, and book covers. As the reader scrolls down the page, they will eventually get through your backlog. If you have a huge series list, then maybe upgrade to a series page. The additional page cost is $15. 'Single Book'

Can I Make Changes To My Template?

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Yes, of course! Despite the fact that you are choosing a premade template, we want you to be proud of your site. Therefore you can control colors, fonts and placement of your content. Graphics and images can be swapped out. Essentially, where we may draw the line if it affects the overall structure of the

Where Do I Start?

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Choose a design package. Fill out the form and send us everything. Author name, author bio and all book information(covers, blurbs, teasers and or excerpts etc) Colors, preferences and your ideas and inspirations, everything. Once we receive all the information, the designer will contact you to confirm your spot and provide you a quote. When

What If I Don’t Like My Website?

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In the beginning stage, you’ll get the chance to review your home page to see which direction The Indie Ally is taking your website. You will be able to provide guidance in the mockup design, so hopefully, there will be no hiccups. *Remember you have unlimited revisions.

Cost Of Additional Services?

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+ Additional page: $15 + Additional Book/trailer: $10 + Additional sections: $10 + Not hosting with The Indie Ally, we can still set you up with a host of your choosing: $65. + Extensive changes to the chosen theme: $99 + Once we start designing, and you want to change the theme to another: $199.