Refund Rules

2020-10-07T20:02:11-05:00June 24, 2019|

Hi! Welcome to The Indie Ally's Refund Rules. Since we are a platform, these rules outline what you can expect ...

Author Updates

2020-10-08T21:22:43-05:00May 12, 2019|

Author Updates is subject to changes to your layout or content of your website. Each update has the limit of ...

What’s a domain name?

2019-06-10T21:10:53-05:00May 12, 2019|

A domain name is a label that identifies a network domain: a distinct group of computers under a central administration ...

What does GDPR compliant mean?

2019-05-13T17:14:22-05:00May 12, 2019|

GDPR isn't exclusively enforceable on EU-based companies. It may be a regional regulation, but it has a global reach. GDPR protects against the ...

Whats a newsletter?

2020-10-08T21:27:03-05:00May 12, 2019|

A newsletter is probably one of the most crucial part of your author career. A regular newsletter will help you ...

What Is WordPress?

2019-05-10T21:18:07-05:00May 10, 2019|

WordPress is an open source FREE software that will be used to create your beautiful Author Website. The content management ...

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