Support for your WordPress website is a service provided by The Indie Ally.

We created your website, now what? Having support for website means that we will answer all the questions/issues pertaining to your author website and plugins associated with your WordPress website. You can ask questions and make the changes yourself or if you have a maintenance package, we will do it for you.

Read the item documentation first

Upon completion of your author website, you will receive customized documentation on how to update your website. Additionally, you can find videos to help you update your website. Many support queries and technical questions can also be found in the FAQ section.

What’s included with our support

When you purchase a web design package or a site maintenance package from us we will update your website on your behalf. Those updates aren’t only technical but include author updates like: Add/Edit buy links, Book covers, Book Summaries, Adding a new book, Adding book /series pages, Adding/deleting pages in general, Adding a blog, Author picture, Author bio and We will update your blog.

Other updates include uploading other plugins, however, the author has to purchase the plugin if it costs additional fee’s. We will install a plugin and configure it (Depends on the plugin and the complexity level there may be additional charges see FAQ)

We will also update your website.

30 days of maintenance includes everything above, but as stated if an author wants an additional plugin that costs money, the author has to purchase the plugin beforehand.

Basic and Advanced support

When you check out the Site Maintenance package there are three kinds:

  1. Maintenance
  2. Safety
  3. Performances

Depending on what you need, purchase the package accordingly.

Author Updates: Add/Edit buy links, Book covers, Book Summaries, Adding a new book, Adding book /series pages, Adding/deleting pages in general, Adding a blog, Author picture, Author bio and We will update your blog.

WordPress Updates: Site updates and adding/ removing a plugin.

Answering technical questions about the WordPress/ Plugins

If you have any questions or concerns:

  1. Watch our tutorials.
  2. If you purchased a ‘Do it yourself’ theme and need instructions on how to set up the theme, click here.

Additionally, if you can’t find your answers in our FAQ, contact us.

Help with defects in the theme/plugins or included third-party assets

When we create your website, The Indie Ally uses third-party plugins to help with the look of your website. If you have any problems with these plugins, contact us.

Theme/plugin updates to ensure ongoing compatibility and to resolve security vulnerabilities

If a supported theme/plugin includes a third party asset (e.g., a plugin), or is intended to work with third-party software or platforms (e.g. a CMS), creators are expected to ensure the theme/plugins remains compatible if the software or platform version is updated. This includes if the third party asset has a security update.

If you have a WordPress Maintenance package, The Indie Ally will make sure that your plugins and themes are updated on your behalf. If you purchased the Gold Web Design package, we will take care of it as well.

Installation of the website

The Indie Ally has a working knowledge of the software platforms and technologies for which items are created. If you have your own host, The Indie Ally will have to verify that your host can handle a WordPress website. Not every host can tolerate the CMS that we use.

Hosting, server environment, or software

Our recommended lists of web hosts are as followed:

  1. Siteground
  2. Bluehost
  3. Hostgator
  4. A2 Hosting
  5. GreenGeeks
  6. Hostinger
  7. Dreamhost

What’s included in all Web Design purchases

Depends on the package ‘bought’…

Once we complete your website, it should work as described. You can view how a template will look by browsing the premade templates, or if you have a custom design request, you can view the website while it is being constructed. WordPress will update on its own to automatically protect your website from major security issues.