When you become an Affiliate for The Indie Ally, you can earn up to $120 per sale.

Are you ready to partner with us and start generating some income?

What is The Indie Ally Affiliate Program?

The Indie Ally Affiliate Program is a way for you to earn commissions simply by placing links on your website or sharing them on social media and when that referral purchases one of our services, you receive compensation. All you have to do is recommend The Indie Ally using your affiliate links on your site, blog, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or other social networks.

Still curious how this works?

Once the visitor(your referral) makes a purchase, after having clicked on one of your affiliate links, YOU – as the affiliate – can earn up to 15% commission on the referral sale of The Indie Ally Affiliate link(s) you generated in your dashboard

Our commission for Web Design:

  • Budget Package sells for $165 – you earn $16.50
  • Bronze Package sells for $299 – you earn $30
  • Silver Package sells for $499 – you earn $50
  • Gold Package sells for $799 – you earn $120

Our commission for Site Maintenance packages:

  • Single Updates sells for $15 – you earn $0
  • 3 Updates sells for $40 – you earn $6
  • 5 Updates sells for $65 – you earn $9.75
  • 36(Annual) Updates sells for $99 – you earn $14.85

Our commission for Facebook Group PR:

  • 50 Facebook Groups sells for $55 – you earn $8.25
  • 100 Facebook Groups sells for $75 – you earn $11.25
  • 150 Facebook Groups sells for $95 – you earn $14.25
  • 200 Facebook Groups sells for $115 – you earn $17.25

Our commission for Hosting:

  • Monthly sells for $14– you earn $0
  • Monthly with Domain Transfer sells for $25– you earn $0
  • Annual Hosting sells for $58.99– you earn $8.85
  • Annual Hosting + Domain Transfer sells for $69.98– you earn $10.50

Our commission for LunaCampaign:

  • Crescent Moon sells for $20– you earn $3
  • Waxing Moon sells for $35– you earn $5.25
  • Full Moon sells for $55– you earn $8.25

Earning is rewarding! So where do you sign up?

In order to apply up for our affiliate program, you need to register for our affiliate program here. If you have an affiliate account, you can login here.

And if all else fails, you can use out buttons below to sign up or login.

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